About Us

The Lenkiewicz Archive is the official imprint of The Lenkiewicz Foundation, the UK charity whose aims are to promote public awareness of the work, ideas and life of painter Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002).

The Foundation enjoys the support of its Friends organisation, whose members pay an annual subscription. By becoming a Friend you can receive a 10% discount on your purchases. You can add a subscription to your shopping basket at any time or sign up on the Foundation web site.

You can learn more about the Foundation’s activities on at the official Robert Lenkiewicz website or follow us on Facebook.

New range of limited editions

Responding to the demand for high quality, affordable reproductions of the artist’s work, the Foundation would like to make as much as possible of the artist’s work available and intends that the new range of giclée prints will grow over time into a comprehensive showcase of the painter’s best-loved and most iconic works.

Please contact us directly if there is an image you are interested in which does not appear on this site.

Giclée on canvas prints

Advances in digital cameras and giclée canvas printing technology, combined with careful colour matching and attention to detail, will ensure your prints will look as faithful to the originals as possible. We’re confident that collectors will judge them the best editions to have appeared so far and at a very affordable price. All our giclée prints are produced to the highest archival standards. Each print is numbered out of 475 and comes with a matching Certificate of Authenticity.

Convenient size and stretcher options

We recommend our A1-size framed prints, with the traditional black moulding and gold slip. However, you’ll find a range of size and stretcher options for your convenience.

The Premium box-stretcher prints have a 35mm depth and are strung ready-to-hang and therefore do not require frames. They come in two size options: A1, up to 841 mm square, and the space-saving A2, up to 594 mm square.

For those wishing to add locally sourced frames to their prints, we recommend our Deluxe 21 mm depth stretchers, which accept the largest range of frame mouldings. Both types have adjustable corners to re-tension the canvas if required. Ask your framer if you’re not sure which stretcher will suit your requirements or e-mail us for advice.


We don’t charge for delivery. Your prints will arrive safely packed in bespoke boxes with your certificate and receipt. You can also specify a gift option if you’d prefer the receipt to be sent to you separately.
Signed prints

The Lenkiewicz Archive also has a small selection of lithograph prints signed by the artist.

Photographic prints

The Lenkiewicz Archive plans to publish in 2019 the portfolio of photographs of the Lenkiewicz studio by Derek Harris. For the time being we have one of Derek's signed giclée prints which forms part of the Collector's Edition of the definitive monograph 'Robert Lenkiewicz: Paintings & Projects.'

The Lenkiewicz Archive unbound folios

The Lenkiewicz Archive uses an innovative publishing format – the unbound folio – to present limited edition reproductions of works from the painter’s extensive archive of sumptuously-illustrated diaries, journals and Project notebooks, rich in watercolours, gouaches and drawings. The unbound folios come in deluxe presentation cases together with guide notes explaining their significance within the artist’s oeuvre. We have an exclusive Friends Proof Edition of just 49 proof copies of the first volume, The Eliza Notebook 1978–79.